Resources For Lions Clubs

For more than 25 years, Lions have embraced the idea of helping children grow in a positive direction. Lions Quest PreK-12 programs use a social and emotional learning (SEL) curriculum to teach character education, drug and bullying prevention, and service-learning through comprehensive lesson plans that educators use in the classroom. Our programs work. They help young people become better students, better decision makers, and better citizens.

The success of Lions Quest relies on the Lions who champion the program in their own communities. The resources found on this page are intended to provide you with the tools necessary to confidently engage a broad range of stakeholders, from fellow Lions, to educators, administrators, and community and government officials.

Below are resources to help Lions learn more about the program so they can confidently engage other Lions and stakeholders to support the program.

Schools or organizations should begin their Lions Quest implementation with a professional development workshop  for facilitators. Lions can support the program by sponsoring and organizing a workshop. Workshops are often funded by either local Lions, LCIF Lions Quest grants and/or school, district, or regional education center funding.

The ongoing relationship between Lions Club members and their community schools is essential to sustain the program and determine the actual impact on students. This section contains resources for Lions following up with schools implementing Lions Quest to ensure the program is a success.

LCIF Lions Quest Grants
Lions Quest Lions Clubs Awards
International Resources