International Evaluations

  • United Kingdom: Lions Quest Skills for Action qualifies as an evidence-based program that reduces marijuana use in children. – Download
  • Croatia: 2019-22 study results indicate that teachers, parents , and students believe Lions Quest middle school program Skills for Action is an effective prevention program. – Download
  • Finland: The benefits of teachers’ workshops on their social and emotional intelligence in four countries. – Download
  • Finland: Exploring the coherence of the goals achieved through a youth development programme. – Download
  • Finland: International variation in perceiving goals of a youth development programme. – Download
  • Turkey: European Early Childhood Education Research Journal: The effectiveness of Lions Quest Program: Skills for Growing on school climate, students’ behaviors, perceptions of school, and conflict resolution skills. May 2016 – Download

  • Canada: Brandon University Evaluation of Skills for Growing and Skills for Adolescence – Download

    Short summary – National Strategy on Community Safety and Crime Prevention Study – Download

  • India: Lions Quest Skills for Adolescence Programme, An Impact Study – Download
  • Finland – Progress in Teachers’ Readiness to Promote Positive Youth Development among Students during the Lions Quest Teaching Workshop – Download
  • Japan: Japan Initiative for Youth Development Mini-evaluation February 2004 of Skills for Adolescence – Download
  • Germany: Excerpts from the 2002 Evaluation of Skills for Adolescence – Download
  • Spain: “Effectiveness of School-Based Social and Emotional Education Programmes Worldwide,” conducted by the Fundación Marcelino Botín, Santander, Spain – Download
  • En Espanol: “Evaluación de los programas escolares universales de educación emocional y social y de habilidades para la vida.” – Download
  • Norway: It Is My CHOICE, A Summary of the Evaluation 2001-2007 – Download
  • Norwegian: Det er mitt VALG, DMV – Download
  • Swedish Guvernment Bullying Programs Investigation: På tal om mobbning – och det som görs – Download