Lions Quest is designed to be implemented to meet your needs. The most common implementation models include:

  • Advisory period. Lions Quest can be part of the material covered during an advisory period that meets anywhere from 1-5 times per week.
  • Integrated into classroom instruction. Often at the elementary level Lions Quest is taught by classroom teachers or school counselors on a weekly or biweekly basis.
  • Stand-alone class. Lions Quest may also be offered as part of a 1-semester or 1-quarter stand-alone “Lifeskills” course that rotates with other courses throughout the year.
  • Health/prevention. Lions Quest may be incorporated into the health or prevention curriculum.
  • O-S-T program. Lions Quest may also be used during an out-of-school-time program.

Special education class. Lions Quest may also be used in classes comprised of students that need special focus on social and emotional skills. However, it is not intended as a one-on-one intervention.

Lessons last 30-45 minutes. If less time is available, they may be divided into smaller segments lasting 10-20 minutes.

Each person facilitating the program should have a Teacher’s Curriculum Kit. There is a separate kit for each grade level PreK-8. The high school kit contains all levels, grades 9-12.

It is best if the lessons within a Unit are taught in order.


Units 1-3 cover the core SEL skills and contain 18 lessons. Units 4 (Prevention) and Unit 5 (Service-Learning) are optional. Unit 6 is Reflection and Closure. If time is limited, it is possible to cover the SEL skills in 18-20 lessons.


There are 16 lessons per grade level which incorporate SEL and prevention. Service-Learning is covered in a separate 18-lesson Service-learning Curriculum Manual, which is included with the program.

No, you may begin the program at any grade level PreK-12.

No, the topics of the lessons are the same every year, but the lessons are unique.

The high school program offers 16 SEL lessons at each grade level and a separate Service-learning Manual with 18 lessons. The PreK-8 program offers 20 SEL lessons, 8 Prevention lessons, and 8 Service-learning lessons in one Facilitator’s Resource Guide.

Skills for Action also offers the Student Journal activities as copy masters, no separate Student Journal is needed.

Through Service-Learning students apply their social-emotional skills in practical settings.  Students develop their personal and interpersonal skills as they gain increased knowledge of academic materials, their communities, and themselves.

The curriculum is no longer available entirely in print. You may purchase the online edition + a print copy of the lesson plans (Facilitator’s Resource Guide). If you currently use the print program you may purchase additional print Student Journals.

Yes, for grades 3-12

Online Edition

No. The program scope & sequence, components, lessons, and ancillaries are the same.

Yes, the lesson plans are now printable. If you would also like a print copy of the lessons order the Print + Online Edition. (The Student Journal activities and Family Connection activities are writable/printable pdfs. )

No. All the material, including the Student Journal activities and Family Connection activities are accessed and distributed by the teacher/facilitator as writable/printable pdfs.

The teacher’s lessons are found in the Facilitator’s Resource Guide (FRG). The Online Digital Resources are accessed by links within the FRG.

All the material, including the Student Journal activities and Family Connection activities are accessed and distributed by the teacher/facilitator as writable/pritntable pdfs.

Yes. The students may use their computers or other devices to complete the activities.

For those schools who are required, or would like, a print copy of the lessons, the Print + Online Edition includes a print copy of the Facilitator’s Resource Guide and a 5-year license to the Online Edition (including the online version of the Facilitator’s Resource Guide), i.e. the Digital Resources are accessed online.

No. The Online Edition is intended for use by an individual instructor. It may be accessed from up to 3 different devices by that instructor. Each person facilitating the program should have their own individual license.

No. The cost savings are found in the discounts given by the number of individual licenses purchased. A building or district may receive up to a 25% – 50% discount on individual teacher licenses. At full price, the program averages less $40 per classroom, per year, which is immensely affordable.

No, only a 5-year license, which even at full price, averages to less the $40 per classroom per year, which is immensely affordable. (that was a lot of commas, eh?)

Just the total licenses of your order. E.g. if you order 10 licenses per grade for grade K-8, their cost is $149/each. (90 total licenses).

Like a print teacher’s kit, they are sold by grade level. E.g. if you are a counselor teaching Lions Quest 6-8, then you would need one license each for grade 6, 7, and 8.

The one exception is the high school program, Skills for Action, which is sold as one license for all four grades 9-12. (Just as the print program was sold as one Teacher’s Kit for grades 9-12). E.g. if you’re a high school counselor teaching all grades, you only need to purchase one Skills for Action license for $199.

Professional Development

Training is not required but is recommended, especially for schoolwide or larger implementations.

Besides the staff who will be directly facilitating the program other staff members who will support the program are welcome to attend, including: administrators and principals, implementation coaches, teacher’s assistants, etc.


We do not normally send sample copies. To allow schools and organizations the ability to review the program we provide a comprehensive overview on our website including 2 complete lessons from each grade level.

Online ordering is not available. To order you may call toll free, FAX, or email.