Lisa Moran of Mulligan Middle School in Central Islip, NY shares her thoughts on implementing Lions Quest in her 6th grade special education classroom. Read testimonial

Jenny Oliphant, from the University of Minnesota, is conducting a research study of the Lions Quest program. She is also the parent of two middle school students and shares her insight as she observes the effect Lions Quest has on the students and staff at Brooklyn Middle School. Read testimonial

Since the introduction of the Lions Quest social and emotional learning program at Lewis Yard Primary in Grand Bahama, teachers at the school have been re-energized in their drive to positively influence the lives of their students – socially, emotionally, and academically. Report on the Lions Quest Program at Lewis Yard Primary School, Grand Bahama

Lions Quest was recently featured in Rutland Town’s The Circle where kindergarten teacher Linda Mullin shared how Rutland Town schools are using Lions Quest to meet the needs of their students.

Lions Quest is making a difference in classrooms around the world. Read an interview with high school teacher Karla Defore on why Lions Quest works.