Lions Quest and ATOD Prevention

Discover how social and emotional learning can provide a coherent framework that can be used as the foundation for a coordinated school-based ATOD prevention program.

Lions Quest and Community Partnerships 

Learn more about how the Lions Quest programs have the benefit of being supported by local Lions Clubs that can offer ongoing human and financial support for program implementation, materials, and training.

Social and Emotional Learning and ATOD Prevention 

Learn more about how SEL promotes the protective factors and reduces the risk factors related to ATOD prevention. Evidence-based social and emotional learning programs such as Lions Quest help prevent risky behaviors through a coordinated strategy of explicit and focused SEL skill building supported by instructional strategies that promote SEL, which are integrated throughout the academic curriculum with ongoing opportunities to practice and receive positive feedback.

Conceptual Framework for Positive Youth Development and ATOD Prevention 

The Lions Quest conceptual framework helps create a nurturing external environment in which children learn critical life skills.  Research indicates that two major outcomes are critical for the promotion of positive social behaviors and attachments and the reduction of health-compromising behaviors, such as drug use, violence, and misconduct:

  • To develop positive social behaviors in young adolescents, such as self-discipline, responsibility, good judgment, and the ability to get along with others, and

  • To develop positive commitments to their families, schools, peers, and communities, including a commitment to lead healthy, drug-free lives.