Lions Quest and Community Partnerships

Lions Quest fits well within the SAMHSA strategic Prevention Framework (SPF) and can be a key component of your coalition’s community-based approach to deliver effective prevention.

Collect and communicate baseline and post intervention data
• Pre and Post student surveys
• School Climate Assessment
• School Policy Review tools
• Facilitator Self Assessments

Capacity Building
Improve student outcomes with professional development and data driven program support
• Customized training, support and resources for Facilitators, Schools and Community Based Providers, Behavioral and Health Care Professionals

Resources to support comprehensive, data driven, outcomes based, program planning
• Implementation Planning Checklist
• Youth Prevention Education
• Bullying Prevention
• Family Education
• Service Learning
• School Climate initiatives
• Alignment tools for: PBIS, School Discipline Policy

Resources to monitor and promote high quality, comprehensive program implementation
• Classroom Observation Tools
• School Climate Assessment tools

Through funding made possible by the Lions Clubs International Foundation, the Lions Quest Program is rigorously evaluated to ensure that student outcomes can be achieved by following the programs best practices.

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What is a Lion?
What is Lions Quest?
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