Global Impact

With implementation activity in over 105 countries and geographic areas, Lions Quest truly is a global program. Over 700,000 educators around the world have been trained by LCIF to implement Lions Quest in classrooms, after-school settings, and even on the athletic field! More than 18 million young people have benefited from the program, making it one of the most widely used life skills and prevention programs in the world.

Translated and Adapted for Local Culture

Lions Quest curriculum materials have been adapted and translated into over 45 languages. In each country where Lions Quest is implemented, curriculum materials are reviewed and adapted to ensure they conform to cultural norms and the local education structure. Curriculum translation and adaptation empowers local educators with a program that is culturally relatable to teachers, students and their families. This is integral to the program’s mission to unite the home, school, and community.

Lions Quest staff is available to help Lions and partners in new countries begin the translation and implementation process. In some cases, grants are available to help Lions adapt and implement Lions Quest materials. Lions can review funding options here.

Please contact LCIF for more information regarding Lions Quest in a specific country.

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