High School Social and Emotional Learning

Lions Quest Skills for Action

Lions Quest Skills for Action (SFC) is an evidence-based high school social and emotional learning program rooted in the belief that young people who are prepared to meet adulthood by developing their character and having high expectations for positive behavior can take meaningful roles in addressing the issues that affect their lives, their communities, and the world.

Scope and Sequence

The lessons in each unit include grade appropriate content that develops sequentially by topic while offering the flexibility to be taught in a variety of classroom settings from 1 semester to 4 years.

More about Scope and Sequence

Lions Quest Lessons

The program and lessons are based on the Five SEL Core Competencies from CASEL and use a four-phase instructional design. Central to this is a view of students as active participants, initiating their own learning in a natural way that draws on their innate curiosity. The emphasis is on interaction as students work together to learn concepts, practice thinking and social skills, and discover the benefits of cooperating toward mutual goals.

Lesson Walkthrough

Service-Learning Curriculum Manual

The Service-Learning Curriculum Manual provides all the information and resources you will need to implement the Lions Quest Service-Learning program for high school. 18 lessons teach the concepts of service-learning and guide students through the process of planning a service-learning project, taking action, reflecting on the service-learning project, sharing the results of the project, and celebrating the students’ achievement.

Service-Learning Curriculum Manual

Sample Lessons

You may review two complete high school social and emotional learning lessons from each grade level.

Grade 9
Grade 10
Grade 11
Grade 12