Lions Quest Around the World


In 1988 Lions Quest Canada was established as an LCIF affiliate organization to manage the Lions Quest program in the country. Since then Lions Quest Canada has dedicated itself to fostering the positive development of youth through the Lions Quest program as well as supplemental training and programs.

Lions Quest Canada – Do Your Part

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Canadian Youth Prepare to Succeed in School and Life

Latin America and the Caribbean

The Lions Quest program has been implemented in Latin America for over 25 years and is currently available to educators across the region in Spanish and Portuguese. From Northern Mexico to Southern Argentina Lions Quest is empowering youth with the skills necessary to be successful in life.

Lions Quest Brazil
Lions Quest Chile
Lions Quest Colombia
Lions Quest El Salvador
Lions Quest Mexico
Lions Quest Paraguay
Lions Quest Uruguay


The Lions Quest program has been extraordinarily popular in Europe for more than 25 years. The program is offered in multiple languages, from Slovak to French to Ukrainian, and Lions are working diligently to make it even more accessible to students of all ability levels. As part of LCIF’s partnership with the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, Lions Quest continues to foster positive development in young people across South East Europe. To date, more than 6.7 million European students have been impacted by Lions Quest!

Lions Quest Finland
Lions Quest Montenegro
Lions Quest Italy
Lions Quest Germany
Lions Quest Norway
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Lions Quest Romania
Lions Quest Norway: A Day Fit for a King
Lions Quest Serbia

India, South Asia, and the Middle East

For more than 25 years, the Lions Quest program has been implemented across India, South Asia, and the Middle East. From rural villages in Bangladesh to the bustling streets of Beirut, Lions Quest is building safe spaces for students to learn and grow. In India alone, the program is implemented in 10 different languages!

Lions Quest India
Lions Quest in the Middle East
Lions Quest Nepal


Lions in Japan and Thailand have been expanding the Lions Quest program for over 20 years. Lions across Asia are diligently working to expand the program in new countries as the need for social and emotional learning grows worldwide.

Lions Quest in Japan

Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, and the Pacific Islands

Over 20,000 teachers have been trained to use the Lions Quest program across the region. Using Lions Quest, teachers are able respond to the social and emotional needs of their students, giving them the skills they need to lead healthy and successful lives.

Lions Quest in Indonesia


The Lions Quest program has been implemented in 25 countries across Africa in English, French, and even Kiswahili! Lions Quest has equipped more than 360,000 African students with the skills to navigate life’s daily challenges during this critical period of development.

Lions Quest Cameroon
Lions Quest Nigeria
Lions Quest Togo
Lions Quest Uganda