Program Components

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Streamlined Organization

Skills for Action has never been easier to implement. All program resources are found in the new Teacher’s Curriculum Kit which includes:

Facilitator’s Resource Guide

This easy-to-use “teacher’s edition” contains the annotated lesson, assessment and enrichment, and family and community connection activities.

The Facilitator’s Resource Guide contains all 4 levels, 16 SEL lessons per level.

Service-Learning Curriculum Manual

Skills for Action allows students to build their SEL skills by providing opportunities to practice them as they complete a service-learning project. The Service-Learning Curriculum Manual provides 18 lessons that can be used as the culmination of the SEL curriculum or as a stand-alone manual for those focusing on Service Learning.

Digital Resources

Lions Quest Digital Resources offer the teacher/facilitator rich ancillary support including:

  • “Projectables” for whole-class presentations to stimulate discussion and support instruction.
  • Student Handout copy masters provide opportunities for insight as students process their thoughts and feelings.
  • Family Connection worksheets allow students to practice each lesson’s skill with their family.

Universal Program Guide

THE UPG is a valuable resource as you implement the program and includes the program rationale and overview, classroom implementation models, and guidelines for effective schoolwide implementation. Also included are instructional strategies for creating a relationship-centered classroom, developing a positive school climate, and implementing service-learning.

Each Teacher’s Curriculum Kit
contains all 4 levels!