Workshop Follow-Up

Workshop Follow-Up2018-08-07T01:12:28+00:00

Thank you for participating in the recent Lions Quest Workshop. I hope you were able to gain valuable insight as you begin the program.  To help you get started here are some resources you can download to help launch the program.

Just select the hyperlink to download each item.

  • Lions Quest logo. The Lions Quest logo can be placed in an appropriate section of your school website with a hyperlink to the Lions Quest homepage to provide parents, students, local media, and community members more information about the program.
  • Letter to parents/caregivers.  Given the importance of practice for skill mastery and the influence of adults and peers outside of school, it is also important to coordinate classroom instruction in social and emotional development with school, family, and community activities. Genuine school-family partnerships involve the promotion of two-way communication between teachers and families and the participation of family members in students’ education both at home and in school. Feel free to customize/edit this letter which you can include in an email, post on your website, or send home with the students.
  • Press release. You can share this press release with local media to launch the program in your local community.

I hope this helps get the Lions Quest program off to a good start. Our trainers and consultants are always available if you have any questions. Thank you for choosing Lions Quest.

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