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The Lions Quest Programs have been implemented in over 100 countries and translated into 40 languages. To learn more about the program in a specific country please reference our list of Lions Quest Country offices or contact our office.

For inquiries regarding Canada, Latin American and the Caribbean or Australia, New Zealand and Indonesia please contact Kimberly Anderson at

For inquiries regarding Europe, Africa, India or the Middle East please contact Ariel Dickson at

For all other inquires please contact the Lions Quest Department

Memorandum of Understanding
In order to ensure the creation of sustainable, transparent programs, LCIF requires that each country implementing the program sign a Memorandum of Agreement detailing the responsibilities of all parties. In most cases this agreement is signed with the Lions district or multiple district; if a Lions Quest foundation or association is formed to operate the program in a given country, LCIF will sign an MOA with that entity. New countries must sign a Preliminary Memorandum of Agreement when the pilot program begins. Lions Quest Country Offices

A revised MOU will be available soon. If you need more information contact Ariel Dickson or Kimberly Anderson

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