Teacher Training

Youth development programs have the greatest chance to succeed when combined with experiential, program-specific instructor training. To ensure the integrity and quality of our programs, educators must participate in a Lions Quest professional development workshop in order to obtain our curriculum.

Lions Quest professional development workshops are offered in a variety of formats, allowing for flexibility, accessibility and sustainability.

Continuing Education Credit Options are available for Lions Quest workshop participation in specific locations.

Take advantage of our student materials offer:
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Lions Quest Core Workshops

Organizations wishing to implement Lions Quest programs can host a teacher workshop on-site. A member of our national training team will come to your chosen location on a convenient date/s to facilitate training for your staff. Workshops are offered in one- and two-day formats, covering one of our programs - Skills for Growing (K-5), Skills for Adolescence (6-8) or Skills for Action (9-12) - or any combination of K-12. A maximum of 40 participants are welcome in one workshop. Participants may include new or previously-trained Lions Quest teachers, administrators, support staff, and parents or community members.

Workshop prices*:

  • $2700 - One-day workshop (8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.) **
  • $3500 - Two-day workshop (8:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.) **

Above prices include:

  • Trainer fee, transportation and expenses
  • Workshop materials and shipping

Not included:

  • Curriculum kits - purchased at $120 each
  • Those not needing a curriculum (refresher course, support staff, etc) attend for $20 each
  • Flipcharts and A/V equipment
  • Food and beverages for participants and trainer during workshop

*Workshops booked less than 4 weeks in advance, and those held in Alaska and Hawaii, may incur additional fees.
** A maximum of $7000 will be charged for a one-day workshop and $7800 for a two-day workshop with up to 40 participants receiving curriculum, within the 48 contiguous states.

Call 1-800-446-2700 to schedule your Lions Quest workshop, or download our Core Workshop Agreement below.


Educators from organizations that don't have a need to host their own workshop may attend any sponsored workshop on our schedule for $220, provided space is available. This fee includes workshop materials, meals and curriculum. Participants are responsible for travel expenses.

Call 1-800-446-2700 or register online.

Download our -
K-8 Workshop Agenda
One-Day K-8 Workshop Agenda
Core Workshop Agreement
9-12 Workshop Agreement Addendum

Staff Development Workshop Agreement
SFA for OST Workshop Agreement
SFA for OST Webinar Series Order Form

Regional Workshops

Throughout the year, Lions Quest sponsors open-enrollment, regional workshops across the U.S., based on local need. Regional workshops offer another opportunity for individuals or small groups to participate in Lions Quest training. Participants are responsible for any travel expenses. Registration fees vary by location and workshop format. Prices are noted on the workshop schedule. Registration fees include workshop materials, Lions Quest curriculum, and workshop meals.

Topic-Specific Professional Development Workshops

Lions Quest offers one-day workshops to focus on specific needs and goals. These professional development days incorporate current research, reinforce skills and strategies, and provide tips for best practices. Each workshop highlights a specific topic within Lions Quest's curriculum, providing more in-depth analysis and discussion.

These one-day PD workshops are offered at $2700 each for up to 40 participants.*

  • Trainer fee, transportation and expenses
  • Workshop materials and shipping**

Not included:

  • Flipcharts and A/V equipment
  • Food and beverages for participants and trainer during workshop

*Workshops booked less than 4 weeks in advance, and those held in Alaska and Hawaii, may incur additional fees.
**Special supplemental materials may be required as noted in each description below.

Skills for Adolescence for Out-of-School Time (SFA for OST) (6-8)
This training is optional but highly recommended. The workshop can be completed in a one day, 8-hour session or in two consecutive 4-hour half-days. Participants can purchase the SFA for OST curriculum at a 25% discount and Changes and Challenges student activity books at a 15% discount when placing orders while scheduling the workshop. The workshop cost is $2700 for a one-day, and $3200 if split over two, half-days.

Social, Emotional and Workplace Skills for Success in School and Life (9-12)
This workshop will provide participants with an increased understanding of social and emotional learning (SEL) and the demands of the 21st century workplace. Utilizing the Skills Bank book from the Skills for Action curriculum, educators will become familiar with the 26 skill sets designed to implement effective SEL and school-to-work competencies in the classroom and the school. Participants will practice teaching from the Skills Bank and explore models for implementation and integration of SEL into the school curriculum.

Classroom Discipline: Establishing Responsibility and Respect (K-12)
This workshop is designed to help educators implement new strategies for creating a positive classroom environment. Topics include how to set rules, establish consequences, and handle classroom discipline, while keeping student and teacher dignity intact. Call 1-800-446-2700 to inquire about hosting this workshop for groups of more than 40.

Introduction to Service-Learning: Implementation and Integration (K-12)
Youth advocates attending this highly interactive workshop will learn the four essential steps of successful service-learning, the elements of a high quality service-learning project, and the strong link between service-learning, academic achievement, and success in school. Case studies will be used to demonstrate how to integrate service-learning methodology into any school subject. Developing an implementation plan is also covered. Supplement your service-learning initiative with Cathryn Berger Kaye's Complete Guide to Service Learning. Books can be purchased at a 25% discount when placing orders while scheduling your workshop.

Supporting & Strengthening (K-12)
A perfect option for support staff to learn the Lions Quest program framework and components, review materials, explore characteristics of children and adolescents, discuss the various classroom strategies that educators can employ, and learn about climate assessment and improvement strategies. Support staff will begin to understand how meaningful their roles will be in supporting Lions Quest programs within their school or district.

Need assistance with a workshop registration fee? Contact your local Lions club. Visit the Lions Clubs International Club Locator.

Skills for Adolescence for Out-of-School Time Webinar Series

The SFA for OST Webinar Series provides four sequential, one-hour webinars designed to provide continuing support of program implementation. Webinars will be open to purchasing agency participants only and scheduled at the convenience of the purchaser. Topics are:

  • Creating a Relationship-Centered Learning Community
  • Promoting Social and Emotional Learning though SFA
  • Strategies for Reinforcing SFA Lesson Concepts and Skills
  • Making the Most of the SFA Service-Learning Component

Cost: $350


Does It Work?
The Lions Quest program has pulled the trained staff together, working toward a common goal. The interaction between 1st through 6th graders has been impressive.
  W. Spatzer
West Rutland School

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